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mated for life: environmental studies 101


And Terence discovers that this geezer blushes like a rose opening up – a red, red rose, like unto luve, so poets allege. Combined with his flawless skin and thick, black lashes, it’s —

“Oh, well,” Stern Master stumbles. “I mean –”

“You were going to school me? On environmental damage?” Tez pursues. This is fun. He leans in, a little – looks as much an earnest scholar as a C-student like him can.

“Well,” the bossy charmer continues – visibly gathering himself a bit. “I mean,” he says, gesturing at Terence’s shopping, “all of the unnecessary plastic bags. Did you really need to put your parsnips in that bag? And your soft fruit – look at the amount of packaging!” He jabs a finger at it, and looks up at Tez. He’s gone all earnest again. It’s adorable.

“I’m very careful of my soft fruit,” Terence says. What, innuendo, him?

mated for life 2: yes, professor


“Do you even know what you’re doing to the environment, with the crap you go around throwing in there?” this guy said, pointing at Tez’s basket. Now, Terence didn’t much care for having a finger pointed at him, by some nutcase who’d clearly read too much Scientific American. OTOH, it depended. On whether the stray nutcase had luscious dark eyes, and chestnut curls. As well as being a raving loon.

After a line from Barry Manilow

From Manilow’s legendary and celebrated track ‘I Wanna Do It With You’, I give you my transformative workin’ poem…


I wanna do it

foment revolution with you

I wanna do it

make a plan for a coup

Baby how ’bout a little insurrection

I see your Black Flag tat and I feel real affection…

I wanna do it with you

Start a community group

I wanna do it

Take a bi-plane out, loop-de-loop!

I wanna hold you, all night long

Oh baby, see I wrote you a song!


But lo!  Proper actual accreditation and acknowledgment of the source of inspiration!  Cuz that’s how you do it, folks.  It’s that easy…


A Perfect Bloom – FREE Fluffy Gay Romance by Alex Ankarr!

a perfect bloom IMAGEA Perfect Bloom by Alex Ankarr



Cory Rocque is thirty years old, a successful company CEO, and a lot too busy for romance. That’s what he tells himself, even if his pesky PA and friend Linnet ain’t buying it, and keeps trying to fix him up. So when he begins to receive a mysterious series of romantic gifts – at the same time as developing a crush on Sam, the charming and attractive ex-con and intern, being rehabilitated while working in the horticulture section of the company, Linnet is wildly excited. The silly girl! Cory refuses to read too much into it, even if someone is sending him perfect roses (stolen from his own hothouses!) It doesn’t necessarily mean he’s heading for romance… does it?


There’s a single beautiful bloom in a bud-vase, set right in the middle of Cory’s desk, when he arrives at his office at the start of the working week. (Barring the special projects he took home with him over the weekend.) He can’t miss it. Linnet ensures his desk is cleared every night, his in-box emptied, his working area pristine and sparkling for the coming day.

And his eyes are fixed on it, even as he’s removing his overcoat, putting down the coffee he’s picked up along the way to the senior suite and the executive office, and running a finger through the small stack of interesting mail that Linnet has set off to one corner of the desk. He’s so transfixed, in fact, that he doesn’t even hear Linnet come in from the ensuite bathroom attached to the CEO’s office, and pad up quietly behind him.

“That new gardener has a crush on you-uu-uu,” is what she sings, high and sweet, into his ear.