Wolf Slave 3 – Alex Ankarr


Photo in the public domain by Jack Kurzenknabe

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Wolf Slave 3 – Alex Ankarr

They arrive at their destination. Though Penn knows he should pay close attention – he might want, and have opportunity for, a real escape attempt some day – he can’t push himself into it. He’s depressed, is what it is. All he knows, is that it’s a huge estate, green and plush and beautiful, with the lush rolling grounds that every powerful pack aspires to. Then perhaps he nods off a moment in the car: and then, he’s waking up, and they’re round the back at the servants’ entrance.

He meets the (slave) butler, Fionicca. The (slave) cook, Mrs Barrolas. The (upper servant) ladies’ maid, Jenelas. After that, he loses track, though he keeps shaking hands and smiling. You have to smile. You have to make friends. It’s been dinned into him as part of survival, from day one. And by day one, he means, his entire life.

His role is as a librarian and archivist, as well as lending a hand at pack events and social nights and acting as companion and gentleman’s gentleman where sickness or allowed fallow-time make it necessary, he finds. He hasn’t yet met the gentleman he’s due to largely work for, the alpha of the Hotstaat pack, Renally Hotstaat. That wolf, the head of the pack, is away, currently. But he is shown his narrow chambers, and the library and clan archives, and generally familiarizes himself with the place. If Renally Hotstaat is anywhere near a civilized wolf – if such exist, beyond his old master – then perhaps this won’t be such an absolutely intolerable position. Perhaps he won’t completely hate his new owner, perhaps.

He’s days into his new duties, lost in the depths of the libraries and overhauling the cataloguing system, when he finds out that the new master’s not due back for a month. It’s a little Hotstaat clan member who tells him: a tiny three-year-old, who scampers into the library chased by her older brother, in wolf form. She’s a charming little cub, and though in theory Penn despises the whole race, he’s not quite immune to the cuteness of a werewolf pup. When she bounds around his ankles he admonishes her gently, and her older brother rolls his eyes. ‘She won’t listen. Silly little get,’ he says, quite civil to Penn as the younger ones are often enough. He’s a young kid in human form, lanky with too-baggy shorts, and reaches to pick her up. But she won’t have it, play-snarling. When Penn reaches down to pick her up, however, she’s perfectly amenable, jumping into his arms with a pleasant-mannered charm, and shifting instantaneously back to human form.


© Copyright Alex Ankarr 2013  All rights reserved to the author. No inspirations for characters drawn from real-life individuals, no resemblance to real individuals intended.


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