Book Review – Dance On My Grave by Aidan Chambers

Dance on My GraveDance on My Grave by Aidan Chambers

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’m unable to write about this book without vague spoilers being involved. Because the romance between the MCs is so fully, perfectly realised and completely credible, such anticipation built up… That I was COMPLETELY FLIPPIN’ CRUSHED by further developments and the ending!

CRUSHED! I’m still grinding my teeth about it. I have a bit of a grudge against this book and against Chambers, now.

Still really good, though. Especially how delicately the issue of the different assumptions two people can come to a relationship with is dealt with, how what seems obvious and inevitable to one might be overstepping and alarming to another. And regarding bereavement, the treatment is a lot more subtle than the ‘life goes on’ platitudes of a lot of YA, and for that matter adult, fiction.

First love is wonderful and painful and awful, and this book really makes that truth live.

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