words, numbers and knuckledusters

I watch the Channel 4 Countdown repeat in the mornings, as I’m waking up.  Sipping at a cuppa, and dopily admiring anyone who can come up with an eight letter word out of PLDFOKLDKJDKJD at that time in the morning. (I know, it’s a repeat.  But it’s early, and my brain hasn’t activated at that point.)


There’s something missing, though.  (Or at least, there’s something missing for it to really make my eyes bing open and to prod at the cerebral cortex.)  I’m not looking for it to transform into 8 Out Of 10 Cat Does Countdown, because the original has its own quiet charm, and both have a place.

I think maybe it ought to do a crossover, though.  Countdown meets Ultimate Cage Fighter, maybe?  First word wizard magic, then doing wonders with numbers.  Then finally, to battle it out, gouging and kicking and no holds barred, in a bloody battle to the death for the title of Hardest, Smartest Nerd On The Block.


No?  Yes?  I think so.


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