bellybutton time-travel – it’s a thing

An update on my bellybutton time-travel opus/short story – six pages in, and many issues as yet unresolved!


After all – does the time-traveller jump into a new body, forward or back in time, via the medium of the fleshy tree through time?  Or jump beside the chronologically-advanced belly-button owner’s body, in which case how is she attached to the tree?  Does she jump naked?  (I can’t imagine a lot of crimplene shirts and primark denim on the limbs and branches of the tree. It must surely be a jump in the nuddy.)

How does she experience the jump?  Is there any tech involved, or if you’ve gotta navel are you good to go?  Is it witchcraft?  Should I really call her Perdita (I’m feelin’ Perdita) or is there a navel-related name that’d be more appropriate?

Six pages in, and none of these things resolved!  And I’m still so squeamish about b-b’s that I can’t even post a pic of one unless it belongs to a statue…


Image – Guillaume Gautreau under a Creative Commons licence.


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