Even A God Of War Pays Overdue Fees – Gay Librarian Romance

Alexiares, literal Greek god and playboy, is also Alex, when he’s slumming in the mortal earthly realm. But when he falls in love with adorable human librarian Rob, how long can he keep the mortal mask in place – especially when his mother, the goddess Hebe, does not approve?

Sexy Spirits – Gay Paranormal Romance!

Jude and Danny are rival ghost-hunters with a case in common when they’re hired to work together by the same firm. Danny’s fleeing family troubles, and Jude’s recovering from a poltergeist trauma in adolescence and a nasty case of PTSD: but they both have business in mind, when they have to take on a sexy spirit. Well, business and pleasure, both…


“Man only likes to count his troubles, but he does not count his joys.”—Fyodor Dostoyevsky Before entering the hospital room of a tuberculosis patient, visitors are required to cover their entire bodies. They even don surgical gloves and face masks. None of us balk at this seemingly overcautious behavior. We don’t want to catch tuberculosis. […]

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Sick-Sweet – Gay Terminal Illness Romance

Jude is terminally ill, and he’s tired of it. He decides that just because he’s dying, it doesn’t mean he can’t live a little. With his sister he concocts a plan for adventures, including erotic and romantic ones. So he goes speed-dating: but his date with Walt gets him a lot more than he bargained for. Maybe too much to cope with, for a sad sick guy like him?

“Our thoughts have the power to instantly release positive energy, or to entangle energy.”—Michele Longo-O’Donnell The fifth sentence in Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book, You are the Placebo goes like this: “On a beautiful Southern California day in April, I had the privilege of being run over by an SUV in a Palm Springs triathlon.” Say […]

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Love this lots.  What do you do when you’ve got wasps up in your grill?  Love the little fuckers.  Love ’em till they pack up and leave home.  Or go at ’em with a flamethrower.

O Ms. Grout, I wish for your serene invincible ring of confidence, your Colgate halo.

What I’m reading today – Goodreads update

26.29% “Finished ‘Darwin’s Suitcase’ by Elisabeth Malartre. Good, but suffered a little by following immediately on Sheila Crosby, by comparison. It’s clever, certainly, but that’s about the minimum you expect from a pro time-travel story. Compared to the best stories in this collection – Sheila Crosby and Sean McMullen, so far – clever isn’t quite enough.

Still a good story, an important theme, and worth reccing.”

What I was reading yesterday – Goodreads update

“Finished ‘Scream Quietly’ by Sheila Crosby, and it was truly amazing. Beautiful period feel, authentic with a touch of grim humor. Characterful, idiosyncratic prose, and a gently amusing basic premise despite the hateful abusive environment. I did muse ‘wow, men really are pigs’, at points. Not gonna bother #notallmen-ing. Not all ‘rahrahtehladies!’ either.

Fab story, total rec, a highpoint thus far.”