A Perfect Bloom 3 – Alex Ankarr

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A Perfect Bloom 3 – Alex Ankarr

But if she can play dumb, then so can he. “I don’t know what you mean, Lin,” he informs her, maybe a little haughty. And with that, he’s up and off, heading for the door. Because the last thing he wants on a Monday morning, on a week when the share prices are down, and the whingeing clients are clamouring, is an interrogation about his personal life. No, scratch that, an interrogation about something that has nothing to do with his personal life. And he almost makes it, almost has his hand on the door handle, ready to make off for the executive restaurant and evade Linnet’s nonsense, her non-stop interference.

Almost, but he never takes step one out of the door. That’s because Linnet’s headed off in the other direction, the moment he’s made a bolt for it. She’s headed off to the big windows, and leaned out for a good look at the grounds. Apparently she sees something worth seeing, too, because she opens up the window quickly and leans further out for a better look. “Oh, look, he’s in the maze, trimming the central hedge!” she calls out, over her shoulder and back at Cory.

And you know what? Cory really should be smarter than to fall for it. He knows this, but it’s too bad. He falls for it just the same, just the same. He doesn’t even ask who ‘he’ is supposed to be, although he ought to, ought not to let it be assumed that he knows, that Linnet knows, that they both know, and that there’s only one ‘he’ that they could possibly be talking about, anyhow.

Oh, God, he doesn’t even acknowledge that he hears her, that he wants to know, doesn’t just ask and then buzz off to the restaurant. He could, but he doesn’t. He doesn’t even stand in the doorway and ask, which would also have been a viable option.

No, he collapses completely in the face of this sneakiness, he feels his face fall slack and open-jawed. And just as if he has no control, his feet carry him over to the window.

Linnet only gives him the most glancing, flickering look when he arrives by her side, though. And there’s just the hint of a smirk on her face. That’s her version of tact. She could go a lot further with that, and possibly descend into sarcasm, but she doesn’t.

Of course, he is her boss. Or at least nominally, he is.


© Copyright Alex Ankarr 2014

No unauthorised reproductions allowed. All rights reserved to the author. No inspirations for characters drawn from real-life individuals, no resemblance to real individuals intended.

Photo credit: Bonita Suraputra (https://www.flickr.com/photos/21185968@N00/3428731883/in/photolist-6dZ9wX-6e1HhW) via a Creative Commons licence (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode), book cover modifications made.


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