vocab props to Pavlina

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been watching Steve Pavlina’s 30 Days of Video series, which is still ongoing.  Not all in order, and I’m not caught up yet.  But this one thing I caught the other day – one of this series of vids in which he uses the word ‘bailiwick’.


As in:- bailiwick ˈbeɪlɪwɪk/

(noun):  bailiwick; (plural noun): bailiwicks

1. one’s sphere of operations or area of interest.

“after the war, the Middle East remained his bailiwick”

2.  (Law) the district or jurisdiction of a bailie or bailiff.

“the warden had the right to arrest all poachers found within his bailiwick”

Yeah, bailiwick!  (Okay, I had to look it up on Google.  I’ve heard the word without knowing what it meant, but I’ve never repeat never heard anyone use it in casual conversation before.  Nor on a Youtube vid, for that matter.)

Profound vocab props to the Pav!  Bailiwick, I’m going to have to find a way to lever the word into conversation sometime soon!


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