1337, it’s a magic number


Yay!  eek!  Go me!  I’ve finally – finally – achieved 1337 likes, here on li’l old alexankarrbooks!  Wahoo!

Aaand I know this, because…  WordPress have taken it upon themselves to congratulate me, for this magnificent achievement.

… … …

Right.  Um.  Is there something about the number 1337 that I don’t know?  Did Douglas Adams give it sub-clause status as a contributing factor to 42, or something?  Is it prime?  Is it imaginary?  Is it… umm…  I don’t know enough about maths to even speculate about what makes it so special.  Is it the bloggy equivalent of turning 21?

Well, what the hell.  It’s still a lotta lotta likes, right?  Wa-hey!  Go me!  1337, alriiiiiiiiiight!


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