yarn nerds

Random – I’ve now become fixated with Youtube vids combining maths with knitting.  Of which there are hundreds!  Wouldn’t credit it, would you?

Isn’t it fascinating?  I don’t even know how I got started, it was just completely random – you know it’s so easy to go on a click-frenzy and wind up somewhere completely different from where you started.  I don’t even knit!  (Well, not much.  And my crocheting is worse than that.)  And my maths is well rusty.

But to justify the amount of time this new fixation is swallowing up, I’m absolutely going to have to make my next two MCs a knitting nerd and a mathematician.  How else am I ever going to make use of this colossal amount of unplanned ‘research’?

What unexpected destination has chance and whimsy taken you to lately?

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