What I’m reading now


Alex Ankarr is on page 214 of 544 of The Mammoth Book of Time Travel SF: The reviews are accurate for Ellen Klages’ ‘Time Gypsy’, at least – so far it’s trememendous!

(I did catch the neologistic typo before pressing ‘publish’.  But I liked it, so there you go!  It is trememendous!)

2 thoughts on “What I’m reading now

    1. Isn’t it a gorgeous confection? I mean, if you’re going to travel in time at all, that’s absolutely the way to do it in style… Great article, by the way. ‘Hence, a narrow, destructive life is not just a shame, it’s a stain on eternity. And an expansive, healing life is not just noble, it’s an immortal treasure.’ Those are beautiful lines, deep. Love your style.


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