Stepbrother Landlord – Sexy Gay Romance!


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When aspiring writer Stevie loses his job and his apartment the first time, he’s grateful that his step-brother Rory lets him an apartment at a reduced family rate, with only a few hints and a little suggestiveness. Because Rory is a little bit sleazy, and has always had a thing for him. When Stevie loses his job a second time, though, and needs a break on the rent, he thinks about what angle to work and what advantages he has. And decides to see what he can do, to persuade Rory to cut his rent down to zero…

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Paying For A Paddling – Cheeky Gay Romance!


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Anto needs to get rid of his boyfriend for the night, so he can sneak out and get himself a spanking from a professional. But what kind of surprise will he get when he opens the door to the whip-wielding escort he’s hired?

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Strictly Professional – Wistful, Pining Gay Romance!


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Ben and Alec are together now, after Alec’s past as an escort has been discovered, and Ben has paid for his services. But how will they make it work, and can they really put it behind them and stay together? Can Ben forget about their painful past history? Can Alec? Approximately 4000 words: sequel to A Thoroughly Unprofessional Relationship.

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Whipped By A Werewolf – Sexy Paranormal Gay Romance!


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Would you want to get down and intimate with a wolf? A supernatural, magical shifter, dangerous and hot? Tate thinks the guy who’s living in the apartment next door is maybe, possibly, some kind of supernatural creature. Maybe a werewolf. He’s certainly magically hot, anyway. And when he’s having some fun alone time thinking about the guy, is when he gets an unexpected visit…

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Another World, Another Love – Time Travel Gay Romance!


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Jodi is a scientist, a rational man, a researcher into travel between alternate universes. If he’s also in love with the laboratory’s senior researcher, Michael, then so what? It’s not as if anything’s ever going to come of it, Michael has never looked at him with a trace of interest in that way… Until their experiments get closed down by the authorities, and they make one last reckless desperate attempt to reach an alternate reality. A reality where they find werewolves, and vampires, and a whole other Jodi and Michael, living very different lives…

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A Highly Disciplined Booty Call – Naughty BDSM Gay Romance!


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Philip broke up with his ex Adam months back, and for very good reasons. But he has a taste for caning and spanking, and Adam was always very good at scratching that itch. Is it really a good idea to make that call?

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Hot Firefighter Feels – Gay Firefighter Romance!


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Chris is a fire-fighter: a good guy, a guy in uniform, a guy who’s into other guys. He’s good at his job, he’s attractive, he’s… lonely. And he just inexplicably dislikes the super-hot new recruit at the station, Dane. Really. Detests him. Can’t bear him. Well, there has to be some reason to explain the sparks and the friction and the heat between them, anyway…

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Love Spells & Personal Hells – Fluffy Gay Romance!


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Tenn is a trainee warlock, but he’s pretty good, close to his Masters in the subject in fact. Honestly, he’s pretty good! So how on earth he manages to accidentally, drunkenly put a love spell on the gorgeous guy Connor in the apartment below him is a mystery… And one he has to set right, if only the supernaturally enamoured Connor will let him!

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