Paying For A Paddling – Cheeky Gay Romance!


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Anto needs to get rid of his boyfriend for the night, so he can sneak out and get himself a spanking from a professional. But what kind of surprise will he get when he opens the door to the whip-wielding escort he’s hired?

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Stepbrother Landlord – Sexy Gay Romance!


Buy Stepbrother Landlord by Alex Ankarr!

When aspiring writer Stevie loses his job and his apartment the first time, he’s grateful that his step-brother Rory lets him an apartment at a reduced family rate, with only a few hints and a little suggestiveness. Because Rory is a little bit sleazy, and has always had a thing for him. When Stevie loses his job a second time, though, and needs a break on the rent, he thinks about what angle to work and what advantages he has. And decides to see what he can do, to persuade Rory to cut his rent down to zero…

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What I’m reading now – Goodreads update


I’m starting The Contortionist’s Handbook, by Craig Clevenger: I added this to the TBR and forgot that I’d already started on it years back, then abandoned it. I guess that counts as ‘currently reading’. The theme reminds me of Kate Millet’s ‘The Loony-Bin Trip‘ – the awareness that once you’re in the position of having to ‘prove’ sanity, or any other accusation/diagnosis with a circular argument – cf. alcoholism — then you’re pretty much fucked, that power is always going to be abused due to the nature of those who seek power in the first place.

Oh, The Loony-Bin Trip, what a wonderful book.  A bit eye-watering regarding sexual imagery, though – sissies might need a quiet lie-down and a stiff g’n’t.  Ride ’em, cowboy!


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