Cupcake Kissin’ 52 – Alex Ankarr free online gay romance serial

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Cupcake Kissin’ 52 – Alex Ankarr

Well, Sandy is charmed, anyhow. And Millie thinks they’re adorable. And the delivery boy just stands and laughs at him, unable to get over how much it’s hysterical that the recipient of his furry hand-crafted felty animals of love is a guy. Caspar isn’t quite so amused, but he tips the asshole anyway. It’s not his fault. Then he stands and examines his gifts, and they’re quite a sight.

Millie pulls at the teddy-bear, which is quite a disturbing sight, not that she can get it free from its companion. In Caspar’s hands is the – puma? Panther? – green-eyed and sleek and velvety. It’s hand-fasted with a ferocious little chain tie, by the paw, with the teddy-bear. (They are an odd couple.) The teddy is of the faux-worn and lovable kind, soft fawn thick fur and big blue eyes. It also sports a little pink apron. And what appears to be a pink hairnet.

Sandy has a cake – cinnamon and cherry, a new addition – stuffed in her mouth. It appears to be her method of avoiding expiring from laughter, as long as she doesn’t actually choke. She talks through it, anyway, though, and that part is pretty disgusting. ‘It’s you, Caspar!’ she squeals, pointing at the teddy, and grinning with crumbs everywhere.

Well, as if he hadn’t worked that out for himself. Nice to provide a laugh for everyone, though. When his phone goes off, he goes out the back to answer it, and it’s not the remotest surprise that it’s Mack.

Who sounds happy, and pleased. And something else. Intimate? His voice sounds as if he is smiling. It’s hard for Caspar to take. His chest feels very tight, his eyes are prickling stupidly. ‘So, tell me you like them.’ No greeting, then, no lead-up, no surprise or pretence. Caspar has the card that was attached in his hand, a little mangled and sweaty, and he only looks at it now. ‘Grrrr, may I chase you for furry cuddles? Mack xxx’ is what it says, and Caspar’s face screws up with a silent laugh. For a moment he’s gasping for breath, as quietly as he can manage it.

Well, he doesn’t think that Sam or Sara would have directly contravened any of the strict orders he gave them. But hints and meaningful musings can probably do a lot, he guesses. The bastards.

‘They’re, uh, very charming,’ he manages, as close to sober and calm as he can get it. ‘And the resemblance is amazing. I especially like the hairnet. It’s very flattering, how… furry the artist has rendered me.’

‘Cuddly,’ Mack replies smoothly. ‘The word is ‘cuddly’. So, tonight,’ he tangents off, and gets Caspar tangented off firmly too. ‘I was thinking maybe I’d take you out to dinner, we could talk over a lot of things, maybe you could bring your new furry friends and they can get to know each other better at the same time. What do you say?’

© Copyright Alex Ankarr 2014

No unauthorised reproductions allowed. All rights reserved to the author. No inspirations for characters drawn from real-life individuals, no resemblance to real individuals intended.

Photo credit: duncan johnston under Creative Commons licence modified for book cover use.



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