Cupcake Kissin’ 59 – Alex Ankarr free online gay romance serial

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Cupcake Kissin’ 59 – Alex Ankarr

Technically most of Mack’s calls and texts are about the party, still. (Or they begin that way.) The brushing into each other, the casual encounters at the apartment, are strictly business. (That’s the original justification, anyway. Mack seems to be always at the apartment, lately, every day. Isn’t he shooting the show at all? He surely seems to be getting a lot of free time.) And he’s not working either Sara or Sam hard enough, because they barely ever get to be the ones to pick up his coffee and cake for him. Although the bakery is getting an awful lot of custom, from Mack personally and from the cast and crew of the show in general, so Caspar shouldn’t complain. It’s not half the time or most of the time that Honey Bunny’s is patronised by them any more. It’s practically all the time, pretty much.

Suspicious, isn’t it?

Not that his two buddies and contacts are missing from the scene, no, not at all, not so much. He isn’t so lucky as to have got rid of them entirely, Caspar thinks despairingly. Because of course they congratulate themselves on manoeuvring Mack into a place where he’s acting like Caspar is a prize to be won, not a casual hook-up that was always going to be offered on a plate. (They don’t put it like this. But Caspar is kind of thinking like this.) Not that either of them, and certainly Sara, will admit to any machinations at all.

Partially because Caspar would run around after them waving a meat-chopper if they did, if they admitted it. Well, maybe. He would want to, he would talk about doing it, in any case.

They expect continual updates, continual entertainment, a constant updating and reporting of the latest events in the Mack-pursues-Caspar saga. The calls and texts and dragging him out for beers and the latest story, it never ends.

If he’s not careful, Sara will be writing a treatment and getting a screenplay optioned based on these last few weeks and months. A sweet little rom-com, perhaps with the genders of the participants tinkered with a little bit.

And if she does that, he might have to re-think the whole meat-chopper idea.

© Copyright Alex Ankarr 2014

No unauthorised reproductions allowed. All rights reserved to the author. No inspirations for characters drawn from real-life individuals, no resemblance to real individuals intended.

Photo credit: duncan johnston under Creative Commons licence modified for book cover use.



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