call of the wild


“He was a killer, a thing that preyed, living on the things that lived, unaided, alone, by virtue of his own strength and prowess, surviving triumphantly in a hostile environment where only the strong survive.”

― Jack London, The Call of the Wild

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what I’ve been reading lately


I’ve had a copy of Patricia Briggs’ ‘Shifting Shadows’ on my shelf forever, just forever, and finally I’m getting around to it.  Although it’s set in the same universe as Mercy Thompson and the Charles/Anna stories, all of the stories are stand-alone and not all of them directly involve Mercy and Anna’s trajectories.

I’m about halfway through at this point – and mostly enjoying it.  But I’ll start off my review with the first tale, ‘Silver’ – and that’s an exception.

‘Silver’ is the backstory belonging to Samuel, son of Bran,  Marrok of the North-American werewolves.  It concerns his first encounter with the fairy Ariana, she of the scars and the power.  Continue reading “what I’ve been reading lately”

Hot Firefighter Feels – Gay Firefighter Romance!


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Chris is a fire-fighter: a good guy, a guy in uniform, a guy who’s into other guys. He’s good at his job, he’s attractive, he’s… lonely. And he just inexplicably dislikes the super-hot new recruit at the station, Dane. Really. Detests him. Can’t bear him. Well, there has to be some reason to explain the sparks and the friction and the heat between them, anyway…

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smiles to the people who be wearin’ a frown

It’s terrifying how many cheesy rom-coms lurk in the dark places of Netflix – and it’s even more terrifying, how many of them I’ve watched, now.

So I will totally cop to watching Queen Latifah’s Last Holiday, last w/end.

Latifah’s dying, right?  Isn’t she?  Is she?  Isn’t she?  She’s pining for her cute not-quite-boyfriend, she’s off on a spending spree, she’s really alive for the first time in her life anyhow…

It was… it wasn’t terrible.  That’s all I’m saying.  And I took this away from it with me.  And that made it worthwhile.


A Highly Disciplined Booty Call – Naughty BDSM Gay Romance!


Buy A Highly Disciplined Booty Call by Alex Ankarr!

Philip broke up with his ex Adam months back, and for very good reasons. But he has a taste for caning and spanking, and Adam was always very good at scratching that itch. Is it really a good idea to make that call?

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Another World, Another Love – Time Travel Gay Romance!


Buy Another World, Another Love by Alex Ankarr!

Jodi is a scientist, a rational man, a researcher into travel between alternate universes. If he’s also in love with the laboratory’s senior researcher, Michael, then so what? It’s not as if anything’s ever going to come of it, Michael has never looked at him with a trace of interest in that way… Until their experiments get closed down by the authorities, and they make one last reckless desperate attempt to reach an alternate reality. A reality where they find werewolves, and vampires, and a whole other Jodi and Michael, living very different lives…

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Whipped By A Werewolf – Sexy Paranormal Gay Romance!


Buy Whipped By A Werewolf  by Alex Ankarr!

Would you want to get down and intimate with a wolf? A supernatural, magical shifter, dangerous and hot? Tate thinks the guy who’s living in the apartment next door is maybe, possibly, some kind of supernatural creature. Maybe a werewolf. He’s certainly magically hot, anyway. And when he’s having some fun alone time thinking about the guy, is when he gets an unexpected visit…

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Strictly Professional – Wistful, Pining Gay Romance!


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Ben and Alec are together now, after Alec’s past as an escort has been discovered, and Ben has paid for his services. But how will they make it work, and can they really put it behind them and stay together? Can Ben forget about their painful past history? Can Alec? Approximately 4000 words: sequel to A Thoroughly Unprofessional Relationship.

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