flying exultantly under the stars*


Ree is easily visible and identifiable: he runs up onto the porch, not the biggest wolf present but somehow clearly the dominant, even so, even to non-wolves. And he leaps up onto his hind legs, stretches up high enough to reach the porch roof, jab away at it and then jack-knife back down. All the slaves and servants are gathering, clothes and drinks and plates of food at hand, as wolves gradually shift and merge into wolf-kin humans, drag on clothes and laugh together and eat and drink, even after they’re no doubt savaged and swallowed down a rabbit or deer or two.

Not Ree, though.

-Wolf Slave, Alex Ankarr

*Call Of The Wild, Jack London

Image from page 86 of “The call of the wild” (1904) – licence (no known copyright restrictions).


What I’ve been reading – Bethany by Anita Mason


BethanyBethany by Anita Mason

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sly, subtle portrayal of the implementation of cult structures and procedures in a social grouping. Complete with an abusive, narcissistic bully posing as caring commune leader, and submissive devotees serving dual function as enforcers – and all without ever being so crude as to explicitly state the purpose of the narrative. Compliance is rewarded, and consent vigorously manufactured to Newspeak assertions that up is down and the earth is – metaphorically – flat. Resistance and dissent are vehemently discouraged. But will one prospective mug/mark manage to evade the net?

Clever. And unsettling. Not a jolly read, but a memorable one.

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Image – Jenny Mackness licence

What I’m reading – Shifting Shadows by Patricia Briggs


Finished ‘Fairy Gifts’ in this collection of short stories – the story of Thomas (vampire) & Margaret (fae) from the Mercy Thompson universe (Moon Called et al). The story is a vast improvement on ‘Silver’, Thomas in particular nicely characterized and believable. The twist in the tale is not very unexpected, but this still makes a satisfying story. The historical element is also realistic and interesting, and without the annoying ‘mythic’ quality of Silver. (I didn’t like Silver!)


Image – Just Another Shot licence

Queen Kitty will grant you an audience now…

Exhibition: Richard Bawden, Paintings, Linocuts & Etchings Location: Hayletts Gallery, Maldon, Essex Date: Until 11th November 2017 Details: Richard Bawden is a painter, printmaker and designer working predominantly in lino, etching and watercolour. His work has a graphic, linear quality and a strong sense of craftsmanship, which translates naturally into many forms. These have included […]


Gorgeous regal cat, isn’t she?  How lovely.  Wish I could make it to this exhibition!

cute kitty alert


I have neither excuse nor reason for this post.  Except that this image by Ronald Searle, public domain via Wikimedia Commons, was so adorable I just wanted to share it with other pussy lovers. It made me think of ‘I Am A Cat’, by Natsume Sōseki.  Which I must get back to reading.  It’s not gonna finish itself.

We all do ‘do, re, mi,’ but you have got to find the other notes yourself*


Image – Chris Hoving Creative Commons licence


I’m listening to Scarlatti a lot lately – and really, could it be any more like the spots on a blue butterfly’s wing?

*Louis Armstrong