What I’ve been reading – Watership Down by Richard Adams

Watership Down (Watership Down, #1)Watership Down by Richard Adams

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I’ve loved this book for years. My favourite parts are mostly about the Black Rabbit of Inle and El-Ahrairah, and Fiver’s visions. Also adore Bigwig’s fight with Woundwort. This book is so emotionally involving, I found it almost draining and too much to process as a kid. Probably easier for an adult to handle.

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5 thoughts on “What I’ve been reading – Watership Down by Richard Adams

  1. Yes, I felt the same about this fascinating book. I also knew Ronald Lockley, the naturalist who did the research which Adams used for this book, and made Adams a fortune… in fact I wrote a blog about Ronald and the rabbits, and his work, so I feel quite emotionally attached to this wonderful book at a number of different levels..
    Have you read Duncton Woods, an even more painful and mystical read about rabbits !!!

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    1. No, I’ve purposely never read Duncton Wood, specifically because a friend who had – who loved it – also warned me that it was rather traumatizing! I’m a bit of a sissy when it comes to emotional distress and literature – my motto is ‘friends don’t let friends read Jude the Obscure’!
      Totally going to check out your rabbit blog – I love pop science and well-researched science in fiction.


      1. You are absolutely right about Duncton Wood.. after a friend gave it to me it took me years to screw up my courage to read it, and when I did I was totally devastated… as also when I read Jude at 21… nowadays my motto is ‘Nothing harrowing ‘ – either book or film.. which narrows the choice enormously, but gives me some sort of peaceful equilibrium !!!new year greetings to you, Valerie

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      2. It’s a wise policy! I don’t absolutely bar emotionally harrowing works of art, but I do space them out carefully and conserve my emotional energy. Netflix is great for serious films this way: if something is notoriously arduous and punishing, I might watch ten minutes then leave it til another day, pick up where I left off. Helps with gruelling books, too!
        Happy New Year, let’s have a great one!


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