Me and Pam: Week Two

Wow, here we are, week two already!  This is the second week’s project as I work my way through Pam Grout’s outstanding ‘Art and Soul, Reloaded’ creativity handbook.  And this week’s assignment is… Write An Invocation To The Muses.

Ooh.  I think this might be my favourite, already.

Okaaaay, here we gooooooooo…


– image – Prairie Kittin licence not altered

To Any Goddesses, Little Devils, Discarnate Genii, Guardian Angels, Nosey Human Beings, Creative Spirits and Complete Chumps who might be Listening –

Let me write something that’s true.  True, for me.  That’s enough.  You don’t need to fancy it up any more than that.

You can prod me in the head if I’m pretending to a sophistication I don’t possess, or using my creation as a soapbox and tool, a weapon for personal grudges.  Or if you want to send me a truly divine turn of phrase, I’m not gonna turn it down.

But other than that…  if I mean it, if it’s real, we’re cool.  You don’t gotta do much, here.

That was pretty easy.  You just gotta mean it, man.

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