Me and Pam, week 4

It’s week 4 of my ‘Art & Soul, Reloaded‘ project!  Well, week 4 and a bit, actually.  But I’m getting back on track, right on there, just a little behind schedule.  This week’s project is a little origami.  Or at least, producing a 3D object out of paper.

Heck.  I have always been just terrible at origami.  But here we go, scrabbling through the craft box, looking for pretty colours and sugar-paper.

Pam also demands, in this chapter, an excuse for creative procrastination, if you’re engaging in it.  Damn.

“Netflix.  Ask Netflix.  It’s ALL THEIR FAULT, see?  And Ted Danson is fucking ripper in ‘The Good Place’.  It’s the role of his life, and I can’t possibly miss an ep.  Go ask him.”

There, you got my excuse.  What you got?

Oh, origami.  yeah.


origami I will never be able to emulate in a million years!


NO, that’s not mine.  As IF The pic’s from Alberto,, licence

But I am prodding and poking around in my old craft box, sorting through glue and glitter and sparkly paper, and ehh, feeling sad.  It’s been a long time since I’ve tinkered with any of it, and that’s a shame.  I used to love it.

Pam is generally right, about most things.

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