Jealousy Cuts Like A Whip – Gay Spanking Romance!

Philip and Adam are back together after breaking up for a while, and Adam’s still on top and wielding the whip hand. At least he thinks he is, anyway, when Philip lets him. But when Adam gets frisky with a sexy new client, there’s liable to be hell to pay, and a whole lot of spanking going on…

Buy Wolves In Leather – Gay Werewolf Hooker Romance!

Scott is a werewolf: a submissive wolf. A submissive werewolf escort and whore, to be accurate, paying his way through grad school via spankings and canings, turning tricks in a supernatural brothel. His client for the evening is John, a dom who certainly looks like he knows a trick or two…

Buy It’s Not A Prom! – Gay Prom Romance!

William doesn’t want to attend the company social organised by his buddy, CEO’s PA Belle. Because he doesn’t have a date. Because she’s arranged for him to escort that same CEO, handsome disreputable charmer Jonathan Pokklin. Because he has a crush on Pokklin. Because it’s not a Prom, damn it!

A Mate, A Moon & A Pickle With A Pack – Gay Werewolf Romance!

Francis has been dating pack Alpha werewolf Jonas Greyashe for three months now. But what’s his status? Is he significant other, casual squeeze, occasional hook-up… or mate? It’s not just Francis who wants to know… Sequel to A Bookstore, A Werewolf and a Full Moon.

Poem: prescription strength of love


“Your prescription now is stronger,”

My optician says to me

He only means to give the dimming

Fuzzy world a clarity

You, I’ve not explained to him yet

He has not asked that I do

Only wants to know my headaches

An alphabet recital too

Think you I’ll love you less dearly

If I see you sharp and clear

If I see your flaws my dear one

Once I excused myopically

It’s not the case, although it should be

I love you not for fuzzy glow

For radiant halos stemming only

From faulty curve of lens, I know

I love you for your faults, you bastard

And when I see them close and sharp

I’ll pull the hornrims off my nose, dear

Vowed haloed angel, sans specs, mit harp.

© 2015 Alex Ankarr.


Image – Zuukuo Wuu public domain.

Buy A Thoroughly Unprofessional Relationship – Wistful Pining Gay Romance!

Ben is a company CEO whose PA Alec left the company with no explanation a while back. Which would be fine, no hard feelings. Apart from his having been totally in love with the guy. So when he finds out Alec is working as an escort, he wants to know why. And that’s not all he wants…

billable hours of a superhero


tough gig, man, no-one understands

the paperwork’s a bitch when you shoot lightning from your hands

getting paid by angry clients is no easier it seems

and then there’s the spandex ‘cause it fits with people’s dreams

but you go home to the boyfriend

if not the same time every night

if you’re lucky, he understands

you have to fight and fight the good fight

(even though dating a lawyer or a cop

you’d think they’d know the drill

the bad guy don’t go home and shut up shop

just because your guy has needs to fulfill)

yeah, a gay superhero has it hard

but count it up at the end of the day

the grateful appreciation of the populace

and a mundane boyfriend with super-powered cuddles

go a long long long long way.

– Alex Ankarr, 2016


Photo credit: gunner111,

Creative Commons


…meet, cute


rushing to be funny

blushing when you stutter

you search for one excuse to linger

he needs change for a buck

you’re due back at work

he’s such a cute stranger

here’s where destiny hits you like a truck

on the other hand maybe just a really great —

© Alex Ankarr 2015 All rights reserved

Image Andy Miccone, public domain.