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Mike is a contestant on the hot new quiz show gripping the nation, and he has a chance to win a lot of money – a lot. But when he can’t remember the answer, and the quiz show host helps him out, what price will he be expected to pay for cheating?

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Alexiares, literal Greek god and playboy, is also Alex, when he’s slumming in the mortal earthly realm. But when he falls in love with adorable human librarian Rob, how long can he keep the mortal mask in place – especially when his mother, the goddess Hebe, does not approve?

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Jude and Danny are rival ghost-hunters with a case in common when they’re hired to work together by the same firm. Danny’s fleeing family troubles, and Jude’s recovering from a poltergeist trauma in adolescence and a nasty case of PTSD: but they both have business in mind, when they have to take on a sexy spirit. Well, business and pleasure, both…

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Jude is terminally ill, and he’s tired of it. He decides that just because he’s dying, it doesn’t mean he can’t live a little. With his sister he concocts a plan for adventures, including erotic and romantic ones. So he goes speed-dating: but his date with Walt gets him a lot more than he bargained for. Maybe too much to cope with, for a sad sick guy like him?

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Luke didn’t exactly know what he was getting into, dating a vampire like Philip. He certainly never thought the guy would object to a little light spanking and whipping, never mind biting. Well, nothing for it but to change his mind… and have a little fun.

What I’m reading: ‘Souls In The Great Machine’ (Greatwinter #1) by Sean McMullen


I’m on page 14 of Souls in the Great Machine by #seanmcmullen: It’s a long time since I felt this excited to begin a book. Sean, you had me at

‘librarians fight duels to settle disputes’!

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(The drawing is by MichaelMcLean on Flickr with a Creative Commons licence  Isn’t it amazing and a perfect fit!?)

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Sir Edmund only intended a sea voyage to inspect his property abroad: but when his ship is taken by pirates, the dastardly pirate captain Fell Mort has other plans for him… Is he a captive, is he booty, and why does the captain find him fatally attractive?


Buy ‘A Jolly Pirate & His Prize‘ – Gay Pirate Romance!


image – Jennifer Gensch licence


Buy ‘A Cat May Look’ – Fluffy Gay Romance!

Tim is a Shifter, a were-person – and he tends to keep quiet about it. Mostly because he isn’t a werewolf, or a were-jaguar, or anything cool. No, he’s a were-domestic cat. Nothing wrong with that, right? But not exactly glamorous, just the same. So when he gets a huge crush on his next-door-neighbour, he doesn’t exactly spread the news around. Which makes it a little difficult when a witch puts a spell on him that has him stuck in his were-form, as Tibbles…

The Entomologist and NoSpiders-Man – 6


The Entomologist and NoSpiders-Man – 6

Markov pursed his lips and nodded slightly.  But it was more as if he felt Adam seemed to need the acknowledgement, and he politely offered it, rather than actually being interested. Then he bent to pick up his shopping bags, nodded again and said, “Well, must be getting along. I’ve got some frozen berries in there as well as lamb chops, the heat won’t be doing ’em any good.” And he pulled a key out of his pocket, and turned towards his own apartment door.

What the hell? “What?” Adam asked incredulously. Well, it was a bit of a yelp, actually. “You’re just going to leave me here…stranded?” Maybe he sounded a bit pathetic. But he was practically stranded on a desert island, with nothing but a palm tree and a couple of coconuts to keep him company, here.  Figuratively.

Markov’s shoulders sagged, a little. And he stood a moment, with his key in the lock, and his shopping bags hanging off his arm. “I could call the supervisor for you?” he offered, without even the courtesy of turning around.

“And leave me out here? I’ll freeze! Even if you’re new, you should have realised it takes him hours to respond to a call by now!” Adam whined. It wasn’t that warm anymore, and the chilly breeze was giving him goosebumps. He hardly knew where to put his hands to keep himself decent, and try to keep warm too.

“I’ll fetch you a blanket while you wait?” Markov offered hopefully, turning his head a bit at least. He had to know that Adam was angling for an invite into his apartment while he waited. It would at least be one interesting upside to this whole trauma.

Adam pouted, and Markov caved. Not as far as issuing an invite, but…

Well, a minute and thirty seconds later, Adam was wondering if what he ought to be worrying about was living opposite someone with such impressive lock-picking skills. “I thought you were an entomologist,” he asked, slightly accusing, as Markov pushed open Adam’s front door and gestured to him.  (Much as if to say, ‘Voilà, all yours!’) “Not a locksmith.” (‘Locksmith’ seemed more polite than ‘potential burglar’.) “Where did you get your ‘breaking and entering’ chops?”



© Alex Ankarr 2017, all rights reserved.  Including the stellar artwork, don’t go stealing my spidey, peoples.

YAY!  6th installment of my bug-hunter/bug-phobic gay romance, here it is!

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Will doesn’t mind when his company HR officer, Elizabeth, ropes him into charity events. Well, to be quite accurate, he minds, but he knows better than to protest. But a bachelor auction? In a toga? With his PA Jon at the event? (The PA he kind of has a little crush on. A very little one. Shut up.) Oh well, it’s not as if Jon’s going to put in a bid for a date with Will. Is he? Is he?