The Entomologist and NoSpiders-Man – 1


The click of the door was what did it. That was the first thing that alerted Adam to the fact that he’d made a really bad decision. Oh, and that his spider phobia was really getting out of hand.

Oh, and the other thing that tipped him off? The fact that he was standing outside his own (locked) door, in the hallway of his apartment building. Butt naked. Unless you counted water droplets from the shower.  And he’d run out there, screaming his head off, and let the door slam shut after him.

Oh, and also. He wasn’t alone.


© Alex Ankarr 2017, all rights reserved.  Including the stellar artwork, don’t go stealing my spidey, peoples.


YAY!  1st installment of my bug-hunter/bug-phobic gay romance, here it is!

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