The Entomologist and NoSpiders-Man – 2


The Entomologist and NoSpiders-Man – 2

Not alone, no.  Definite company present.  In the shape of Milo, his neighbour from across the hall – standing with his key out and a couple of shopping bags leaning up by his door, now turned around and staring at Adam.  Presumably wondering what the hell was going on, and why his new neighbour had just run screaming out into the hallway, slamming his own front door behind him.  (Stark naked.  Screaming, and naked.)

Milo Markov, the scientist from across the way.  Entomologist, to be precise.  Adam knew, because although they’d barely exchanged a ‘good morning’ so far, he always took care to know the bio of the cutest new residents in the building.  Wouldn’t anyone?



© Alex Ankarr 2017, all rights reserved.  Including the stellar artwork, don’t go stealing my spidey, peoples.


YAY!  2nd installment of my bug-hunter/bug-phobic gay romance, here it is!

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