Love like you’ve never been hurt


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Hi everyone!!

3oEjHZPivwdJ0syhKE I’m so excited for the fact that my God is so intentional…so thoughtful…so precise in what I need. His love is just so overwhelming and that He is mindful of me???… just messes me up each time I think of it!!! (in a good way tho!!)

One of my absolute favorite writers of all time is Jentezen Franklin (Senior Pastor at Free Chapel Worship Center). His book “Love like you’ve never been Hurt” was released in March this year…not on SA shelves as yet, but I got a preview and it is a remarkable story of love and restoration. I’ve been a fanatic admirer of his work since listening to his sermons on TBN for years now. He is a non-pretentious, lover of God’s Word; an absolute blessing to our generation. God has been amazing to him and his family and he shared their story in his book…

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