What I’ve been reviewin’ – Refuge (Minder’s War #1) by Gerhard Gehrke

Refuge (Minder's War #1)Refuge by Gerhard Gehrke

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The alien hive mind is a trope I’ve always been fond of, but I’m getting a little jaded with it. The drifts of alien spores travelling through space and time reminded me of the classic ‘The Possessors’ by John Christopher, a beautifully chilly and ominous tale.

Heroine Deanne I found a little unsympathetic and detached, and was initially puzzled by the apparently extensive technical and scientific comprehension of a juvie hall kid, although this is briefly addressed at a later point in the book. The monsters were grossly unpleasant, which I guess counts as a win in a tale of this type, and overall the story was readable, plausible and internally coherent, and the detail convincing.

There were occasional tense and grammar issues at some points of the book, and on one page – I think 86% of the way through – a paragraph is half-deleted. Easily enough done during formatting. The main annoying thing was the constant rendition of the word ‘shone’ as ‘shined’ – extra noticeable as it is used about two thousand times in the book. I’m willing to accept that it’s correct American usage, but to British sensibilities it really grates quite a lot.

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