A Perfect Bloom – FREE Fluffy Gay Romance by Alex Ankarr!

a perfect bloom IMAGEA Perfect Bloom by Alex Ankarr

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Cory Rocque is thirty years old, a successful company CEO, and a lot too busy for romance. That’s what he tells himself, even if his pesky PA and friend Linnet ain’t buying it, and keeps trying to fix him up. So when he begins to receive a mysterious series of romantic gifts – at the same time as developing a crush on Sam, the charming and attractive ex-con and intern, being rehabilitated while working in the horticulture section of the company, Linnet is wildly excited. The silly girl! Cory refuses to read too much into it, even if someone is sending him perfect roses (stolen from his own hothouses!) It doesn’t necessarily mean he’s heading for romance… does it?


There’s a single beautiful bloom in a bud-vase, set right in the middle of Cory’s desk, when he arrives at his office at the start of the working week. (Barring the special projects he took home with him over the weekend.) He can’t miss it. Linnet ensures his desk is cleared every night, his in-box emptied, his working area pristine and sparkling for the coming day.

And his eyes are fixed on it, even as he’s removing his overcoat, putting down the coffee he’s picked up along the way to the senior suite and the executive office, and running a finger through the small stack of interesting mail that Linnet has set off to one corner of the desk. He’s so transfixed, in fact, that he doesn’t even hear Linnet come in from the ensuite bathroom attached to the CEO’s office, and pad up quietly behind him.

“That new gardener has a crush on you-uu-uu,” is what she sings, high and sweet, into his ear.

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Free Gay Pirate Romance Available Now!


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Sir Edmund only intended a sea voyage to inspect his property abroad: but when his ship is taken by pirates, the dastardly pirate captain Fell Mort has other plans for him… Is he a captive, is he booty, and why does the captain find him fatally attractive?…


When a gentleman books a berth aboard a merchant vessel in the advanced and prosperous eighteenth century, the very last thing he expects is to be boarded by pirates in the Bay of Gibraltar, and taken captive. Sir Edmund Waltridge felt the injustice of it very keenly: could one not feel for him in his plight?

When he had booked his berth with the Captain of the Belle Ribaldry, he had never once dreamed that such misadventure was even possible. Good God, it was not even as if they were headed for exotic climes, for the Indies to study finches and lizards, or to the New World for land and adventure! And indeed they well might have been: for Sir Edmund was a keen amateur naturalist and student of the vegetable and animal kingdoms, a friend to Messerschmidt and to Priestley. He had even – it was a matter of some pride for him – written a paper upon the smaller newts in sub-tropical waters, published in the journal of the Royal Society: and his class from Cambridge was a perfectly respectable gentleman’s third: and only so because he had spent rather more time carousing than writing his papers, regrettably.

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