mated for life: environmental studies 101


And Terence discovers that this geezer blushes like a rose opening up – a red, red rose, like unto luve, so poets allege. Combined with his flawless skin and thick, black lashes, it’s —

“Oh, well,” Stern Master stumbles. “I mean –”

“You were going to school me? On environmental damage?” Tez pursues. This is fun. He leans in, a little – looks as much an earnest scholar as a C-student like him can.

“Well,” the bossy charmer continues – visibly gathering himself a bit. “I mean,” he says, gesturing at Terence’s shopping, “all of the unnecessary plastic bags. Did you really need to put your parsnips in that bag? And your soft fruit – look at the amount of packaging!” He jabs a finger at it, and looks up at Tez. He’s gone all earnest again. It’s adorable.

“I’m very careful of my soft fruit,” Terence says. What, innuendo, him?

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