moonlight sashimi 1


A shark has enough troubles.  Always restless, always hungry, always on the move.  Move or die, swim to survive!  But a shark shifter has a few additional problems.  The main one being the moon – the full moon – and access to salt water, at moonrise.  Sure, it’s a little inconvenient for a loup-garou, finding himself with a furry embarrassing situation at that time of the month, with no plans in place.  But at least she’s not going to die from it – at least, as long as there’s no inconvenient supernatural hunters around at the time.  But if a shark shifter makes a miscalculation, and finds himself too far inland at the wrong moment…  Well.

He’s liable to wind up sushi.  That’s what.

Greg is usually so careful – his transformation plans are normally immaculate.  But then, factor in a last-minute business trip to Mexico.  And the ludicrously strong local cerveza, not to mention tequila.  Some disreputable, conscienceless new business contacts and drinking buddies.  And  sleeping off the all-time supreme champion worst hangover in history

Well.  That’s how you come to be piloting a stolen motorboat, out to sea, heading for the open ocean.

public domain image

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