About Alex Ankarr!

Hi there!  I write gay romance, fantasy and science fiction, and you can find my books on Amazon and at all good online booksellers.  Come and say hi, suggest a prompt or storyline for me to write about, and if you leave me a review I’ll love you almost as much as wire-haired foxterriers and Kirsch cherry liqueurs!

Right, and if my logo says ‘honey says my tittygame’s bananas!‘ then that quote is courtesy of Mr Neil Brennan, who is an awesome standup comic and thinker.  And if it’s ‘eyeball-chewin’ bastard’ then that is appropriately attributed to Mr Henry Rollins.  If it says ‘Licensed to cunt’, then that comes from a Twitter convo that amused me, and the inspiration is obviously James Bondian.  And if it alternatively says, ‘lovin’ guys lovin’ guys‘, well, that’s what it’s all about, right?


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