30 Days of Video Challenge – Steve Pavlina

ETA: uuurgh.  written before I knew what a nasty cock-cheese brained shitlump Pavlina actually is.

I have a tremendous respect and admiration and liking for Steve Pavlina, in a slightly sad way since I’ve never met him. He’s honest and smart and a little wacky, and I don’t agree with him on everything, but I respect his opinions and his upright character and ethical choices completely.

This month he’s doing a series of daily vlogs – the 30 Days Of Video meme. Some of the vids so far have been really great – the one below, here, is especially good.

As an intro to each of the daily vlogs, he’s also talking about his 30-day water fast. That he’s doing at the same time! My God!

I guess that he’s a grown man and he knows what he’s doing. For myself, I have grave doubts – I’m deeply sceptical – about the efficacy and benefits of any kind of fasting. Juice fasting, water fasts, minifasts, maxifasts, you name it. If you believe that it’s going to leave you glowing and with your body generally and your liver in particular all cleaned out and raring to go, then more power to you. People should do what makes them glow, what makes them happy, if they can.

Whether I believe in it or not doesn’t have a speck of relevance, here. Although I don’t. Why would you want to give your liver a rest, after all? It’s not a nurse, a police officer, a fire-fighter, a public servant entitled to weekends off and an employer’s pension contribution. Where would you be if your heart or your lungs demanded danger money and Christmas and Thanksgiving off work? The entire concept leaves me boggled. My liver had better count itself lucky, and regard the bottle of Grey Goose awaiting my next weekend off with some apprehension.

But that’s just me. And I’ve come to accept that people you admire, respect, and might even want to emulate in some respects, have the same rights as any other person. That includes the right to be a little nutty in some areas, to espouse activities and causes you might gaze at askance, whistling gently and wondering about calling in the nice men with the van and the straitjacket. Teal Swan on the subject of vaccinations, for instance. (Well, Teal Swan on quite a lot of subjects, to be honest. I LOVE TEAL!) Ralph Smart, when he makes like he’s being punched in slow-motion, and his head snaps, and what the heck is that all about, Ralph, what’s it all about? Steve Pavlina’s ex, Erin, when she gets just a little too out-there even for me, on other lives and reincarnation and the universe. In general. What could be more general than the universe?

God bless Pavlina, though, and all the rest of them. I guess he’ll be okay – I hope he’ll be fine, although God knows he looks as if he could use a Gregg’s pasty in these vids. I want to order him takeout and send it round as an emergency care package.  Nonetheless, the vids are terrific, totally recommended.  And I plan to watch all of them with a sandwich, a cuppa and a pack of biscuits on hand.