Buy ‘A Bookstore, A Werewolf & A Full Moon’ – Paranormal Gay Romance!!!


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Buy A Bookstore, A Werewolf And A Full Moon by Alex Ankarr!

Francis is shy, bookish, a little bit nerdy – and he owns a bookstore. He’s also a werewolf. A sub werewolf, who goes into periodic sexual heat. And as he goes into a surprise heat at the end of the business day, he gets a visit from a very good client, Jonas Greyashe: rich, amorously interested and a dominant werewolf…

Buy ‘A Mate, A Moon & A Pickle With A Pack’ – Gay Werewolf Romance!

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Buy A Mate, A Moon & A Pickle With A Pack by Alex Ankarr!

Francis has been dating pack Alpha werewolf Jonas Greyashe for three months now. But what’s his status? Is he significant other, casual squeeze, occasional hook-up… or mate? It’s not just Francis who wants to know… Sequel to A Bookstore, A Werewolf and a Full Moon.

Image – *nacnud* under a Creative Commons licence, modified for cover use.


Buy ‘Wolves In Leather’ – Gay Werewolf Hooker Romance!


Wolves In Leather by Alex Ankarr

Scott is a werewolf: a submissive wolf. A submissive werewolf escort and whore, to be accurate, paying his way through grad school via spankings and canings, turning tricks in a supernatural brothel. His client for the evening is John, a dom who certainly looks like he knows a trick or two…

Image – grace_kat on Flickr under a Creative Commons licence

Buy ‘Even A God Of War Pays Overdue Fees’ – Gay Librarian Romance!

Alexiares, literal Greek god and playboy, is also Alex, when he’s slumming in the mortal earthly realm. But when he falls in love with adorable human librarian Rob, how long can he keep the mortal mask in place – especially when his mother, the goddess Hebe, does not approve?

Buy ‘Sexy Spirits’ – Gay Paranormal Romance!

Jude and Danny are rival ghost-hunters with a case in common when they’re hired to work together by the same firm. Danny’s fleeing family troubles, and Jude’s recovering from a poltergeist trauma in adolescence and a nasty case of PTSD: but they both have business in mind, when they have to take on a sexy spirit. Well, business and pleasure, both…

Buy ‘Post-Life Options, A, B and C’ – Paranormal Gay Romance!

Cole is in love, but it doesn’t do him a lot of good. That’s because he’s in love with the ghost who’s haunting him, the ghost of his fire-fighter neighbour Sam, who died six months ago. If only either of them had admitted back then that they were in love with each other, how much simpler things would have been…

Buy ‘The Wolf and His Whore’ – Gay Werewolf Hooker Romance!

The life of a rich alpha wolf like Gregory is surely a happy one, right? Not so much, perhaps, if he still hasn’t found his mate. In fact he’s lonely, lonely enough to hire a whore for the night. And to require that whore, James, to pretend to be his mate…

Buy ‘Full Moon Groupie’ – Gay Werewolf Romance!

William is hot for werewolves, and luckily there’s a pack run every full moon in his home town. Is he going to get lucky this month? Will hot werewolf Mayot Free choose him? Will he be mated?

Buy ‘A Human Mate In Heat’ – Gay Werewolf Romance!

In a world where a human taken as a mate by an alpha werewolf can begin to go into heat – and possibly become pregnant – human Alec has been unwise enough to acquire an alpha boyfriend, Leo. And now his heat is coming on, and with Leo nowhere to be found, but his three handsome betas readily available to service and comfort him through heat, what’s Alec to do?