A Highly Disciplined Booty Call – Naughty BDSM Gay Romance!

Philip broke up with his ex Adam months back, and for very good reasons. But he has a taste for caning and spanking, and Adam was always very good at scratching that itch. But is it really a good idea to make that call?

Correction Concierge – Spanking Hot Gay Romance!


Correction Concierge by Alex Ankarr

Francis is a concierge at a plush five star hotel, well used to unusual and exotic requests from his highly demanding guests. So what if this handsome new guest’s requests include lollipops… and a cane?

Image – Chris Clogg on Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/cclogg/, public domain.

Wolves: Heat & Chill – Gay Werewolf Romance!

Three platonic human buddies take a break. Skiing week-end, great idea right? So do three werewolf friends, likewise. They end up sharing a ski-lodge: and it’s cool. Until it’s very hot indeed: when one of the wolves goes into heat…


Spanking The Boss – Gay Employer/Employee Romance!

Adam doesn’t mind being the new guy in the company. He doesn’t mind learning new things. But what does company CEO Edmund Rotherhaithe want with him? Hint: it may involve the flat of his hand and dropped pants. Spanking, physical discipline. correction.