fnaar fnaar nurse! the screens!

I love Ralph.  Let me get that straight from the start.  But!  11.44 on this here vid – ‘I wake up every day with a bunch of grapes in my mouth’.


What is it with motivational/LoA/religious speakers and humungous out-of-control runaway innuendo?  Huh?  Joel Osteen, too – ‘deposited something on the inside‘, lately, buddy?  It’s like they don’t know they’re doing it – but how can they not know they’re doing it?  Are they just adorably innocent?  Are their ids conspiring against them?  Is it all terribly Freudian?

(Actually I’m not sure Ralph doesn’t know he’s doing it.  That’s a wicked little smirk on his handsome face there.  Bless him.)