Bachelor Auction Boss – Sweet Gay Romance!

Will doesn’t mind when his company HR officer, Elizabeth, ropes him into charity events. Well, to be quite accurate, he minds, but he knows better than to protest. But a bachelor auction? In a toga? With his PA Jon at the event? (The PA he kind of has a little crush on. A very little one. Shut up.) Oh well, it’s not as if Jon’s going to put in a bid for a date with Will. Is he? Is he?


Post-Life Options, A, B and C – Paranormal Gay Romance

Cole is in love, but it doesn’t do him a lot of good. That’s because he’s in love with the ghost who’s haunting him, the ghost of his fire-fighter neighbour Sam, who died six months ago. If only either of them had admitted back then that they were in love with each other, how much simpler things would have been…

My brother and his wife have had two cats, Bonnie and Clyde, for eight years. In addition, they have always put out food for any strays who venture into the yard. One of those had such remarkable coloring that they gave him a name – Pierre, after Pierre Bezukhov (“earless”), a character in “War and…

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Cats are always cool.  But cats with literary names are even cooler.

Famous, Foolish, Full-on Love – Gay Celebrity Crush Romance!

So Mark has gone from a hopeless long-standing crush on his old college friend – who’s now international film-star Danny Lang – to being his secret boyfriend. All via a very eventful interview that had both of them quaking in their boots (in a knee-trembling kind of a way.) But now they’re on different continents, trying to cope with the demands of their careers and the pressures of secrecy, what will happen when Danny gets mad in another interview and impulsively outs himself? Approximately 4300 words. Sequel to ‘Not So Famous In Your Heart’.


It’s still early on the Best West Coast, but it’s going to be very difficult to top this, from Katy Waldman of Slate: “It is such an odd, ubiquitous detail—that Trump is ‘enraged.’ He is apoplectic, incensed, irate, vexed, sore, peeved, tantrum-y, mad online, mad offline, mad in a boat, mad with a goat, mad in the […]

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I imagine him stamping his feet and jumping up and down.  Possibly shouting ‘it isn’t fair, I’m telling my mum!’  ‘mad with a goat’, lol.