flying exultantly under the stars*


Ree is easily visible and identifiable: he runs up onto the porch, not the biggest wolf present but somehow clearly the dominant, even so, even to non-wolves. And he leaps up onto his hind legs, stretches up high enough to reach the porch roof, jab away at it and then jack-knife back down. All the slaves and servants are gathering, clothes and drinks and plates of food at hand, as wolves gradually shift and merge into wolf-kin humans, drag on clothes and laugh together and eat and drink, even after they’re no doubt savaged and swallowed down a rabbit or deer or two.

Not Ree, though.

-Wolf Slave, Alex Ankarr

*Call Of The Wild, Jack London

Image from page 86 of “The call of the wild” (1904) – licence (no known copyright restrictions).


What I’m reading – Shifting Shadows by Patricia Briggs


Finished ‘Fairy Gifts’ in this collection of short stories – the story of Thomas (vampire) & Margaret (fae) from the Mercy Thompson universe (Moon Called et al). The story is a vast improvement on ‘Silver’, Thomas in particular nicely characterized and believable. The twist in the tale is not very unexpected, but this still makes a satisfying story. The historical element is also realistic and interesting, and without the annoying ‘mythic’ quality of Silver. (I didn’t like Silver!)


Image – Just Another Shot licence

call of the wild


“He was a killer, a thing that preyed, living on the things that lived, unaided, alone, by virtue of his own strength and prowess, surviving triumphantly in a hostile environment where only the strong survive.”

― Jack London, The Call of the Wild

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A Bookstore, A Werewolf & A Full Moon – Paranormal Gay Romance!


Image – *nacnud* licence

Buy A Bookstore, A Werewolf And A Full Moon by Alex Ankarr!

Francis is shy, bookish, a little bit nerdy – and he owns a bookstore. He’s also a werewolf. A sub werewolf, who goes into periodic sexual heat. And as he goes into a surprise heat at the end of the business day, he gets a visit from a very good client, Jonas Greyashe: rich, amorously interested and a dominant werewolf…

Full Moon Groupie – Gay Werewolf Romance!


Buy Full Moon Groupie by Alex Ankarr!

William is hot for werewolves, and luckily there’s a pack run every full moon in his home town. Is he going to get lucky this month? Will hot werewolf Mayot Free choose him? Wil he be mated?

Image – Randen Pederson licence

Wolves: Heat & Chill – Gay Werewolf Romance!


Buy Wolves: Heat And Chill by Alex Ankarr!

Three platonic human buddies take a break. Skiing week-end, great idea right? So do three werewolf friends, likewise. They end up sharing a ski-lodge: and it’s cool. Until it’s very hot indeed: when one of the wolves goes into heat…

Image – Metassus licence