Post-Life Options, A, B and C – Paranormal Gay Romance

Cole is in love, but it doesn’t do him a lot of good. That’s because he’s in love with the ghost who’s haunting him, the ghost of his fire-fighter neighbour Sam, who died six months ago. If only either of them had admitted back then that they were in love with each other, how much simpler things would have been…

NEW RELEASE! Wolf In A Wheelchair – paranormal romance

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‘Hill Williams is a wolf who’s recently had a life-altering accident, rendering him paraplegic. Court Berkeley is a vampire who’s several hundred years old, old enough to know better than to go chasing after a younger wolf who’s already let him know he isn’t wanted. Hill’s pack disapproves of Court, and that was enough to break them up once. But the moon is full, and they’re both a little crazy, and playing at Romeo and Juliet (again) sure is an attractive idea… Short, approximately 3000 words.’

Image – Brehm, Alfred Edmund, 1829-1884; Pechuel-Loesche, Edward, 1840-1913; Haacke, Wilhelm, 1855-1912; Schmidtlein, Richard, no known copyright restrictions.

My brother and his wife have had two cats, Bonnie and Clyde, for eight years. In addition, they have always put out food for any strays who venture into the yard. One of those had such remarkable coloring that they gave him a name – Pierre, after Pierre Bezukhov (“earless”), a character in “War and…

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Cats are always cool.  But cats with literary names are even cooler.

Famous, Foolish, Full-on Love – Gay Celebrity Crush Romance!

So Mark has gone from a hopeless long-standing crush on his old college friend – who’s now international film-star Danny Lang – to being his secret boyfriend. All via a very eventful interview that had both of them quaking in their boots (in a knee-trembling kind of a way.) But now they’re on different continents, trying to cope with the demands of their careers and the pressures of secrecy, what will happen when Danny gets mad in another interview and impulsively outs himself? Approximately 4300 words. Sequel to ‘Not So Famous In Your Heart’.

A Perfect Bloom 20 – Alex Ankarr

a perfect bloom IMAGE

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A Perfect Bloom 20 – Alex Ankarr

It’s the one with the roses. One of the ones with rose references, at least – the fifty-fourth sonnet. (Of course it’s one with rose references. What other one would he choose?) It could be interpreted a lot of different ways. But it seems to Cory, that it’s praising his sterling qualities, quite apart from his physical charms. Which is, er, flattering in various ways. He supposes.

And he really has to be the most complete fool living, to be standing here at his desk, looking down at it quite still and with a burn over his cheeks. Feeling a little tingling wooziness that is unbecoming to anyone over seventeen, with an international company to run.

And that unwariness is also what renders him vulnerable to Linnet’s attack. She’s the one who brought him his mail, it’s true, then made herself scarce in the name of making travel bookings. But he should have gone through the day’s post now, be sitting down, be making calls and thinking through the order of business and…

She’s up behind him and peering over his shoulder, with one hand clamping his hand in place where it holds the paper, a vice to prevent him pulling it away. And the way that she whistles and laughs in his ear, sends a chill through every blood vessel in him. “My, my,” she coos in his ear. “He’s got it bad, this guy, right?”

And Cory is quite proud, that he manages to keep his voice steady and sarcastic, in return. “What are you talking about?” he asks snootily, even though they both know perfectly well. “I receive a mysterious anonymous message in the mail, and you immediately make assumptions. Instead of exhibiting a proper, appropriate concern, and instituting inquiries, and possibly calling the police.”

Linnet just snorts with laughter, at this sally. “The police? What am I going to tell them, that you’re getting threatening haiku in the post? What are they going to do except laugh at me?” She seems to pause and consider a moment, gets another good look at the poem. “Well. I suppose old Bill did rather harp on the graveyard motifs and gloomy endings. Are you worried?”

Cory snorts with laughter himself, if of a rather sardonic kind. And he yanks the paper out of her hand, while she’s unwary, and goes back to the tall windows, exactly where he’d stood on the Monday, with that damn rose in his hand. This time, there’s no Sam in sight. Not pruning the bushes, not mowing the lawn, not stealing flowers either. “Hardly,” he says, absently. And he continues staring, as if that might conjure Sam up out of the thin mist.



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Mercy Thompson: Hopcross Jilly by Patricia Briggs – Goodreads book review

Mercy Thompson: Hopcross JillyMercy Thompson: Hopcross Jilly by Patricia Briggs

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I preferred this graphic novel short story to some of the regular installments in text-format of the Mercy Thompson story. The artwork was beautiful, the colour-scheme was perfect – moody and Gothic – and Adam in particular was beautifully drawn. He looked almost as young as he’s actually supposed to appear. (Although Mercy looked rather younger, TBH.)

It’s nice to have a Jesse-centric story, as she’s one of my favourite characters and I love her interactions with Mercy. And a genuinely unnerving old-wives’-tale Big Bad, too! Four stars all round.

ETA – must also add, as always – where the heck is the contemporary Bran-centric story, with a real romance for him? Where? WHERE? It must surely be in the works? Surely? Please?

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Image – Mathias Appel on Flickr, public domain.