What I’ve been reading – ‘Hollow’ by Patricia Briggs

This is the tenth story in the ‘Shifting Shadows’ collection, and it’s a ghost story – always my fave!  It’s also a Mercyverse story featuring Mercy herself, which marks it as a special occasion for any Briggs fan.  Here, Mercy takes submissive pack wolf Zack along with her on a ghost-hunt, also a treat because Zack is a complete sweetie.


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The ‘guests’ – i.e. characters new to the Mercyverse – in this story are Lisa, a woman who runs a groundskeeping/housekeeping company, and Rick, one of her rich and reclusive clients.  Rick is having trouble with the ghost of his dead wife, and Lisa is having trouble because, SPOILERS – Continue reading “What I’ve been reading – ‘Hollow’ by Patricia Briggs”

What I’m reading – Shifting Shadows by Patricia Briggs


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Finished ‘Alpha and Omega’, the fifth story in the collection. This story is a preface to the series of the same name, and covers the meeting of Charles, the Marrok’s second son and enforcer, and Anna, an Omega from another pack. I don’t care for this series, or story, as much as the Mercyverse. I find Charles rather unconvincing and lacking in personality, and Anna too sugary-sweet and timid. No chemistry here.

By and large the supporting characters were paper-thin, too.  I probably hold Briggs to standards that are too high.  ‘Moon Called’ was such a perfectly realised little work of popular commercial art that it would be incredibly tough to write not one but two long-running series to the same unvarying standard of quality.  And considering what a cash-cow the books have become, why should she?  Good on her, really.


What I’m reading: Shifting Shadows by Patricia Briggs


Now I’ve finished Seeing Eye, the fourth story of Shifting Shadows.  Loved the MCs, Tom the werewolf and Moira the witch, lots of chemistry there. (Bubbling away in the cauldron!) I prefer witch stories to most other paranormals so it was always going to be a win for me. Plus, Moira’s ‘special characteristic’ *cough spoilers cough* is a jaw-dropper. Really really liked this one, possibly my fave in the whole book. Briggs is on top form here.  Loved just how badass Moira is, no simpering girlies here!


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What I’m reading – ‘Shifting Shadows’ by Patricia Briggs

I’m up to page 133 of 451 of Shifting Shadows, having finished ‘Gray’ – vampire story, quite sad, touches of hope. I’m only really touched by a small number of Ms Briggs’ characters. This didn’t really do it for me, though nicely written.  She has a tendency to provide rather indeterminate will-they-or-won’t-they endings for potential romantic couples, and frankly I find it frustrating.  Tell us!  Is it all on or not?

It’s a cock-tease literary tactic, when really the reader wants a romantic, er, happy ending.


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