and build it up with worn-out tools*

Ehhh, feels like time to re-make and re-write some of my old fanfic WiPs, rebuild them into original fic.  Not that I haven’t already been doing a bit of that, under aliases Sarah Tender and Wanda Withers.  But for my two old faves this seems like the right ID.  So very shortly indeed, expect a mangling re-working of a tale loosely based on ‘Notting Hill’.  With new added werewolves!



*Kipling, darling.  Love a bit of Kipling.  ‘If’ used to reliably make me cry, before I got so hardened and contemptuous.



special secret writing tips


So, you know how as  a writer – we writers, bub, you ‘n’ me – very often you’ll keep a notebook beside your bed?  So that if you wake up with the germ of a great idea in your head, you can dash it down quick and not lose it?

(So that someone else gets to very lightly re-write it, claim it, and cede not one word of credit, of course.  For another day, bud!  For another day!  Oh, the mooks.  Watch out for the mooks!)

Anyhoo.  Ya do that.  That’s not novel.  Everyone does it.  Writers, anyhoo.

But what do you do when you wake up, with something nagging at your brain.  And you turn over, to take a look at your notebook.  And lo –

– in your handwriting –

– scrawled across the top page –

– this legend doth blaze upon it –


No, I mean that’s it.  No further word of explanation.  Can’t even remember writing it.  Do you think the Devil made me do it?  What does it mean?

All suggestions gratefully received.  Buggered if I know.  But I’m quite charmed with it.  It may spark off a Saga of goatly superpowers, possession and invasion yet, who knows.

Me & Pam – week 6


Ta-dah!  Here we are, somewhere around week 15 of the year so far, and…. er…   well, my resolutions are good.  Here I am, catching up with my weekly (!) blogging about the exercises and projects involved in reading Ms Grout’s ‘Art and Soul, Reloaded‘.

So.  Week 6, then.  *coughs*  Ms Grout’s essay for this chapter is about the practice of daily blogging.  A practice she is fairly faithful to, for anyone else who reads  Much more faithful than I am, at any rate!  And the task assigned, for this chapter, is to start a blog.  *coughs again*  Well, as we all know, starting something is the easy part…

Oh, I missed a bit.  The complete task is to start a blog – job done, there.  And to blog every day, for a week.  Oh hell…



image – Hans Splinter licence


Zumba for the Soul, week 5

Are we in week 5 already?  (I suspect we’re in week 6 already, actually.  Late, late, for a very important date!)

Aaaand the Zumba tasks for this week, assigned by Ms. Grout:

a) make a hat out of newspaper.

Ehhhhh.  MORE ORIGAMI?  Can I just cut a circle out of the middle, plonk it on my head and call it a sunhat?

b) then, to write 500 words.  About someone you hate.

Yuck, that’s not a nice task.  Must I?  Well, I suppose it need never see the light of day.

c) Plan a beach holiday, make cocktails for it, get straw hats for the sun.


But hey?  With my newspaper-with-a-hole cut out, I’ve got the sunhat all ready!  (The boozin’ bit I’ve got down.  I can do that all right.)

‘If you like pina colada, and getting caught in the rain…’


image – chris Goldberg licence and not modified.